O&M Movianto Netherlands is located in Oss. Its state-of-the-art warehouse, which is designed to perfectly suit as a European Distribution Centre, fully complies with the quality requirements for healthcare logistics and distribution and offers a facility with deep-frozen pallet spaces (up to -40°C). The warehouse has a storage capacity for 22,000 pallets O&M Netherlands is in an ideal position to deliver specialised solutions with a clear focus on client requirements and product groups, from customer service to the management and handling of samples, promotional material, and clinical trials

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Healthcare Dedicated Solutions.

O&M Movianto Netherlands has the capacity to deliver to every hospital, pharmaceutical wholesaler, laboratory doctor and pharmacy with a BENELUX validated fleet of multi-temperature vehicles. Along with the O&M Movianto business in Belgium, the message to clients in the Benelux is clear: Movianto provides individual logistics and distribution solutions in close proximity to its clients’ customers – now and in the future.

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Keltenweg 70
5342 LP Oss

T. 0412-40 64 20
E. HR-NL@owens-minor.com

W. www.movianto.com/netherlands

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